Cian O Dowd

Suppose To Do is the latest single from Cian O’Dowd’s endless well of melody

Static Vision frontman, Cian O’Dowd, has teased his upcoming solo EP Less Thinking, More Living with a new song and video, Suppose To Do. The instrumentation couldn’t be further from the ten-tonne tones of Static Vision, but fans of the Limerick group will recognise the ominous yet gorgeously melodic song-writing that prevails. 

Eerie vocals are interlaced with a childlike xylophone riff to form a juxtaposition reminiscent of the great Daniel Johnston. The simplest of melody’s delivers the simplest of messages, “Be good to me and I’ll be good to you”. Though these lines are sung with an honest conviction that the world should work this way, they’re interposed by the wrenching harmonies of someone who knows it doesn’t.

Whether on his own with an acoustic or backed by stacks of amplified fuzz, there seems to be no end to O’Dowd’s well of wonderful melody. He’s proving further to be one of the country’s most naturally gifted songwriters.

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