Check out some Leitrim sound and spoken word from The Clumsy Giantess

Tara Baoth Mooney is a female-identifying singer and artist who collaborates with a persona ‘The Clumsy Giantess’. Mooney’s work moves around sound, spoken-song, and spindly line drawings which she often makes while writing new material. The Clumsy Giantess emerged during the period when Mooney was in “the cheese grater tunnel” of illness watching her former self disassemble. As she recovered and reassembled, ‘Clumsy’ stuck around acting as the mirror for Mooney’s art and creative output.

The Clumsy Giantess is the constant sounding board for my work – resonating but also regulating my emotional responses to the world, keeping them close and pure before they are let go.

Tara Baoth Mooney

You can watch Tara Baoth Mooney/ The Clumsy Giantess as part of Vagabond Voices at 3pm on Thursday the 8th July in a double bill with the poet Chandrika Narayanan Mohan.

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