Summer vibes from BMWMM on latest track Play Thing

A little bit of sun the last few days and that’s already got me thinking of tunes for summer playlists. Then, as if by magic, ping went the email notification with the debut track Play Thing from Galway/Mayo band Bury Me With My Money’s upcoming second EP Life as It Comes, the follow up to last years Karosi.

With a pandemic and many line up reshuffles over the last year, it is testament to the hard work BMWMM have been putting in to see and hear a brand-new EP from them and Play Thing definitely sets the tone for what’s to come. A track that owes a lot to the synth rock stylings of the 80’s, it is a fun and lively track. It has the ability to instantly draw in the listener through its bright and playful synth line, that then goes onto culminate in a larger production towards the final minute, harkeing back to their earlier work on Karosi. Though everything seems bright and fun in the musical department the track actually speaks of the entrapments of money and lavish lifestyles and relationship expectations and problems that can arise from trying to meet those. It’s a track that musically skews away from the darker edges of what BMWMM have done before, while keeping those subtle touches in the theme of the overall track.

If Play Thing is anything to go by, it seems Tomas Concannon & co are taking a more refined approach to their song writing style with Life as It Comes but also keeping that essence of what makes them one of the most exciting bands around right now.  Expect to see this track on a lot of summer playlists. 

Play Thing is out now on Umbrella Records, with production by Joseph Padfield.

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