Arthuritis attains brilliant clarity on Sleeveless In Seattle

The phenomenal Arthuritis was a highlight at our inaugural west coast festival last November and it is with great pleasure that we share his excellent new video with you.

Combining cryptic lyrics that lend themselves less to storytelling and more to abstraction, complex mosaic-like narratives and bejewelled sonic onslaughts, at once hypnotic and jarring, Arthuritis has long been one of the more experimental songwriters in the west of Ireland – an approach that has made for captivating live shows but recordings that perhaps involve a bit of work for the listener.

Sleeveless In Seattle is a departure from previous releases, opting for simplicity over experimentation, and it’s an approach that has absolutely paid off. The song loses none of the captivating insight and profound lyricism that fans have grown accustomed to but there is a clarity to the arrangement and production that makes the track immediately accessible to new ears. It is, dare I say it, a catchy offering from Cork’s resident spaceman and comes with a perfectly fitting, beautifully shot and fantastically edited video. Brilliant stuff all round.

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