Adam Cats debut EP Aliens offers smooth and lyrical appraisal of global issues

Adam Cats is a writer, poet, lyricist, and vocalist from Co. Roscommon. After writing poetry for years about topics like climate change, inequality, self-love, and other societal issues and metaphysical reflections, he has recently started his journey as a recording artist. His inspirations include musical artists such as Eminem, Mos Def, Kate Tempest, Jimi Hendrix, and Shaggy, as well as philosophical and political thinkers and novelists like Noam Chomsky, Tom Robbins, Margeret Atwood, George Orwell, and Aldous Huxley. His debut EP Aliens was released on all major platforms on March 26th.

Produced by Nabil Sioty and mixed by Blakkheart, Aliens offers a smooth-sounding, lyrically-captivating appraisal of global issues such as climate change, wealth inequality, and unfettered corporate influence. A well-balanced blend of spacey backing tracks and intricate, free-flowing vocals helps to deliver an honest account of the artist’s thoughts about these major issues, followed by a hopeful message about how humanity can come together to build a better world for everyone. Adam has pledged to donate all proceeds from the EP to organisations fighting to tackle wealth inequality and the climate crisis.

It’s not that the global elite, or ‘the 1%’, or the super-corporations are actually aliens, it’s that their behaviour really should be considered as alien. Where is the humanity in their destruction of humanity? In their destruction of nature itself? I think most humans are pretty lovely deep down, but we live in an inhumane society that serves to pulverise our inner loveliness at every opportunity. I guess that’s what this EP is all about; breaking through the madness of our inhumane world to take back our inner loveliness. Our collective, human loveliness.

Adam Cats

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